Inventory Tips

In addition to creating a comprehensive home inventory, there are additional steps that we suggest for most home owners.

Property loss unfortunately comes in a wide array of forms. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods to more common events such as fire and theft are things we often think will not happen to us. Unfortunately, these happen on a common basis, every day. Being prepared via documentation is critical for asset recovery.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can a Home Inventory Report can be used for other documents or agreements?

  • Wills, Trust & Estate Legal Documents, Prenuptial and Divorce Agreements, Tax Filings, Financial Planning or Bankruptcy Documents, Transportation or Moving Contractual Agreements, and House or Apartment Rental Agreement (furnished) are some of the documents a home inventory report can be used to support.

How can a person use a Home Inventory Report for a Will, Trust & Estate Legal Document or a Prenuptial or Divorce Agreements?

A Home Inventory Report can be attached to the agreements or documents as a visual recording depicting the existence and condition of the personal property items listed in the agreements or documents.

How long does it take to perform an Inventory?

Inventory Alaska determines a time estimate based on the initial meeting and walk through of the home.

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