Inventory Tips

In addition to creating a comprehensive home inventory, there are additional steps that we suggest for most home owners.

Property loss unfortunately comes in a wide array of forms. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods to more common events such as fire and theft are things we often think will not happen to us. Unfortunately, these happen on a common basis, every day. Being prepared via documentation is critical for asset recovery.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Once the homeowner receives the Home Inventory Report’s Digital Cards, what should they do with it?

  • Each Digital Card contains a copy of the Home Inventory Report, one of which is located in the binder. We recommend the home owner keep this SD Card in the binder. If you must evacuate your home you can take the entire binder with you. We recommend giving the second Digital Card to someone not located near you to store, preferably someone in another state. An out of state relative is a perfect person to keep your second Digital Card. If that is not possible, store it in a safe deposit box at a Bank as far away from your home as possible. Distance is important if a natural emergency threatens your area and home. You can reproduce yourself or request Inventory Alaska provide additional copies of Digital Cards.

When should a person update their existing home inventory?

We recommend up dating your Home Inventory Report each time you move or make big adjustments to your personal property items. There really is no standard of expiration date for a report. We consider the report more of a bench mark in time. Local insurance professionals have recommended that it would be best to update at the most every 3 years and at the least every 5 years.

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