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Home Inventory requires critical details of the property which includes original purchase information, serial numbers if applicable, and current condition along with any other details neccessary for the potential replacement of the asset. These details are entered into a database for analyzation and reporting.


Digital Data Collection

Proper reporting for accurate insurance claims requires a visual of property for accurate appraisal for reimbursement. Photography and videography are critical to the Home Inventory process, and we also highly recommend the additional service we offer of document scanning for proof of purchase details.


Inventory Report

An Inventory Report comprises the digital data, linked to the text data with correct appraisals. This gives a clear picture of the entirety of your assets, both physical and intellectual property, contained within your home. This reporting is delivered in a combination of print and digital formats for your convenience.

Asset Types

Insurance policies vary and need to be confirmed as to their coverage, but Items which are usally covered include furniture, window treatments, rugs, artwork, decor, antiques, collectables, dinnerware, plants, trees, games, storage containers, electronics, computers, peripherals, software, office supplies, clothing, jewelry, linens, equipment, tools, tool storage, racking, and storage cabinets.

"Special" Property
Standard insurance policies do not include "Special" Property due to either high value or because the item is not standard. These Items need to be specified individually for additional coverage. Property such as jewelry, antiques, fine art, furs, collectables, guns, musical instruments, medical devices, precious metals, sports equipment, riding mowers, large food supplies, and home business supplies and products.

Irriplaceable items which have little to no financial value such as old photos, an old marriage certificate of your parents, the last Will and Testament of your grandparent's, that drawing your child made while on vacation long ago, or old love letters from the days when love was handwritten. While these items cannot be replaced, they can be digitized so that in the case of a disaster, a digital copy can be viewed or replicated for print.

Electronic Data
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